About Jenea

Hi There,  I'm Jenea and this is my story.

I'm obese and have been for most of my life.  Like many others, I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  Over the years my weight has kept increasing and before you know it, there I was weighing in over 300 pounds. 

On April 2, 2013 I decided to try the HCG diet to lose the weight.  I had some friends that had see success with the diet and it motivated me to try it.  The protocol I chose was a 40 day plan and in that first 40 days I lost 36 lbs.  I can't even tell you how much better I felt losing just 36 pounds.  I was more motivated and determined than ever to keep going.  I got a personal trainer and I worked out with him until November of 2013 and lost a total of 70 pounds getting down to 266 lbs.  I reached some major milestones and felt super accomplished at the weight that I had lost. 

After HCG at 266 lbs
During that time I met the love of my life, Timothy.  When we first started dating we ran and worked out together all the time.  As we started to get more and more serious we eventually stopped working out and started eating.  We

would go on dates to restaurants or stay in and eat pizza.  We moved in together in 2014 and both of us started putting the weight back on.  Eventually I gained back the 70 pounds I lost plus some additional.  I kept trying to get back into healthy eating and exercising but eventually would give up.  We saw some success but nothing major and it would usually peter out after a couple of weeks.

Hadley Faith
In October of 2015 I found out I was expecting our first baby and everything changed.  I was high risk because I had diabetes and I was overweight at 337 lbs.  My blood sugars at the time were extremely high and I had an A1C of 7.9.  My doctors were concerned about the well being of our baby if I couldn't get my blood sugars under control.  Having been told previously that I couldn't conceive on my own I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize the well being of my child.  That's when Tim and I started to really concentrate on our eating.  During my pregnancy I got my blood sugars under control, dropped my A1C to a 5.6, and lost 36 pounds.  My baby girl was born on June 17th and she weighed a healthy 7 pounds 5.4 ounces.  

I knew that I couldn't stop just because I was no longer pregnant.  I had to change my lifestyle to give my daughter a fighting change in a world of obesity.  I didn't want her to struggle with her weight and food addiction like I have my entire life.  I wanted her to think of exercise as something we do - not something we have to do.  So, Tim and I kept watching our foods and we've started exercising more.  I've continued my weight loss and am currently weighing in at 288.8 pounds - a total loss to date of 48.2 pounds.  

My journey is far from over - I have a lot of weight to lose.  I'll be writing about it here, every pesky detail.  All of my ups and downs, my triumphs, and my failures.  My story is not just about weight loss. It's about overcoming a lifetime of bad habits and food addictions, it's about family, and its about trying new things.


  1. Just found your blog. Good for you for taking that step. I am on a similar journey. Reading your bio was like reading my own! I was over 350 pounds and managed to get down to 300 pounds over a 2 year period, but last October something clicked in me too. I started eating healthier and exercising and the weight has been falling off. Now almost 8 months later, I am around 230 pounds. I am certainly nowhere close to where I want to be, but I know I will make it there some day. Believe in yourself and you can make it happen. I will be rooting for you.

    1. I think you're awesome for making that change for yourself! Isn't it funny how when you're finally ready to do it how the weight just comes off? I will be rooting for you too!