Since McKynlee was born, we have been so busy and have been trying to soak up as much of the summer as we can.  Tim and I both have time off of work for a few more weeks and we've been enjoying spending as much time with our girls as we can.

We celebrated Hadley turning one on the 17th of June.  We threw her a big Camo themed birthday party (you can thank her dad for that one).  We had a lot of family and friends come to celebrate with us and she was in her element.  She loved opening all her presents but she couldn't understand why we kept taking them away once she got them opened, haha.  It's so strange to think that my baby is 1 and that we have another baby.  It feels like we were bringing Hadley home from the hospital yesterday and here she is a year old already.

It's been so incredible watching her grow and seeing her personality shine.  She is so dang sweet and the happiest little girl you'll ever meet.  She's got some attitude though.  She knows what she wants and she's very vocal about expressing it, haha.  We have our work cut out for us as she gets older.  She's so smart though, it blows my mind.  We'll tell her, "Hadley, can you get such and such" and she knows exactly what we're talking about and she'll go get whatever it is.  Keys, her shoes, my phone.  She knows how to throw things in the trash can and we're working on teaching her how to pick up and put her toys away.  She loves to "help" me dust, vacuum, and sweep.  Whenever I ask the dogs if they have to go potty she runs down the hallway to the backdoor to let them outside.  It's so cute watching her try to do adult things.  We're working on getting her acclimated to using silverware but she eats pretty much anything and everything we eat.  She can say mom, dad, what's that, and doggie.  She's trying to mimic other things we say but so far it's not quite the word but pretty close so we know what she means for the most part.  She talks all the time but most of it's just baby babble.  She can clap, high five, give kisses and hugs, shut and open doors and cupboards, and she can flush the toilets.  It's amazing how much she has grown and developed.  

McKynlee is almost 8 weeks old and is growing so fast.  She already weighs 11 lbs 5 oz.  She is quite the opposite of Hadley.  She is much more fussy and constantly wants to be held.  She's been diagnosed with reflux and we have her on a liquid reflux medicine - she hates it and cries when we give it to her . . . three times a day.  She has something going on with her tummy because she would cry in pain after we would feed her and she would just constantly want to be eating.  We switched her to a soy formula and give her a little bit of rice in her formula to help with making her fuller.  It seems to help a little bit but she's still having trouble throughout the day.  Her pediatrician referred us to a pediatric GI specialist that we see tomorrow so we can hopefully get some answers to help her be more comfortable.  Seeing my baby in pain and not being able to help her is the worst feeling ever.  She does sleep through the night like her sister so we at least are getting some good rest.

We've been trying to spend as much time being active and outdoors as we can.  We took the girls to an outside concert, to my hometown for their annual Cherry Festival, we watched fireworks, we try to go walking but it's so hot that we have to go super early or it doesn't happen, and we've spent lots of time swimming.  Hadley loves the pool and water so much that we can't even keep her out of the dog's water bowl or the toilets, lol.  I'm glad that I have little water babies though.  It doesn't hurt my feelings one bit to take them swimming.


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