Wednesday, June 7, 2017

McKynlee Hope

She's finally here!!!!  We welcomed our sweet baby girl on May 24th at 8:56 am.  She weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs 8.4 oz and was 19.5 inches long.
Inudction night:  39 weeks

Tim and I went in the night of the 23rd for a scheduled induction.  Like our induction with Hadley, we got there about 8pm and got settled in our room for the night.  However, this time I opted for an oral medication vs. the gel that goes on the cervix.  The big difference is that I didn't have to be flat on my back to be monitored with an oral dose.  With Hadley's induction, I had to be monitored for an hour after the gel was placed but I had to lay flat on my back so the gel stayed in place.  It was miserable and the contractions were pretty intense right away.  With Cytotec, it simulated a more natural labor in that it took a bit longer to take effect and the contractions would be gradual.  I still had to be monitored for an hour after each dose, but I didn't have to be on my back for it.  

When we got to the hospital Kristi wanted to do a cervical exam to see if I had progressed and she also wanted to do a quick ultrasound to make sure that the baby hadn't turned.  The ultrasound showed the baby in the perfect position but, despite having daily contractions, my cervix hadn't changed for a few weeks.  I was still only 70% effaced and only dilated to 1 cm.  This made me a good candidate for an induction but Kristi still believed it would be about 20-25 hours of labor.  Shortly after she checked me, we got hooked up to the monitor.  They have a new monitor called the Monica that is a wireless monitor.  I personally believe it is way more obese friendly than regular monitors they have.  It's a bit touchy, but if properly placed it allows for freedom of movement and continuous monitoring.  Thankfully, our nurse was amazing and got it to work so I could move around as much as I wanted.  It made this induction so much easier and less stressful than Hadley's.  I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am that they had this technology for me to use.

I got my first dose of Cytotec at around 9pm and then I took an Ambian and went to bed around 11. I didn't feel any contractions with that first dose.  I was able to sleep and rest until the nurse came in at 3:30 to take my vitals and give me my second dose of Cytotec.  Still not feeling anything, I went back to sleep until 4am.  I woke up with pretty intense contractions so I got out of bed and walked around for a minute.  They were pretty uncomfortable so I woke up Tim and we called for the nurse to let her know.  My contractions gradually intensified and became increasingly uncomfortable so I asked the nurse to call my midwife at 6am.  I decided I wanted to get an epidural because with the contractions already being this intense I didn't think I could go another 20 hours of labor.  At this point, it had only been 2 hours since my second dose of Cytotec and the contractions were so intense I couldn't focus on anything other than each contraction.  Our nurse called Kristi and told her that I wanted an epidural and Kristi said that if I needed one to go ahead and call the anesthesiologist.  She was going to jump in the shower and she would be there within the hour.  I wanted to wait until she got there but I think I only made it another half hour before I told the nurse to call anesthesiology to have them give me the epidural.  They got there about 7am, maybe a little after, and were working on getting things set up when Kristi got there.  They gave me the epidural and it didn't take.  At all.  I got zero medicine.  The anesthesiologist wanted to wait a few minutes to see if it would take so he left to chart and came back about a half an hour later.  It was determined that they would try for a second time as the first try didn't take.  At this point, I'm in a lot of pain and I just want the damn epidural.  I'm alternating from walking around the room, leaning on the bed, sitting on the birthing ball, or sitting on the bed while all of this is happening.  Anything to relieve the pain.  

I started to freak out a bit, I kept saying "I can't do this" over and over again until my midwife got in my face and bluntly said "You don't have a choice.  You have to do this so breathe."  It was like having cold water thrown in my face, but in a good way.  She helped me to relax and breathe through each contraction while the anesthesiologist got everything set back up for the second epidural.  She had me sit on the bed in a different position so he could have access to my back.  While sitting there, I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to push.  It's so hard to describe what that felt like, but I didn't have time to register the thought "I need to push", my body just started to do it on it's own.  I'm not sure that'll even make sense.  I started hollering at Kristi, as they are putting in the new epidural, that I needed to push the baby out right now.  That I was pushing.  Kristi told me to just do what felt right and she asked me if I wanted to have them stop so she could check me yet.  I told her no and I just kept breathing and pushing.  As soon as they got the epidural in, I rolled over onto my side and kept pushing.  They got me onto my back and Kristi checked me and sure enough, I was dilated to a 10 and she could touch the baby's head.  

We had no idea I was that far along.  We're talking an induction, 4 hours of labor so far, and my water hadn't even broke yet.  Kristi said she's never seen an induction move that quickly - especially since my water hadn't even broke yet.  I kept pushing but at this point, I was so numb from the epidural that I couldn't feel my contractions or the baby crowning.  I had no idea if I was even pushing hard enough.  Kristi walked me through it and they turned off the medicine for the epidural so the numbness could wear off.  Kristi also broke my water as she believed it would help me feel the baby/pressure more.  It worked and after only 30 minutes of pushing, my sweet baby was earth side.  Tim caught her and put her on my belly, just like with Hadley.  McKynlee didn't cry at first so I panicked a bit but as soon as the nurses started wiping her off she started to cry.  She had the sweetest, quietest cry that I've ever heard.  She didn't want to open her eyes for anything.  (I actually worried that she was so fat she couldn't open them, haha.  She even had a nose wrinkle!)  She finally popped them open and it was the most beautiful moment when she looked at me.  I'm thankful that labor and delivery went so smoothly.  A total of 4.5 hours of active labor from start to delivery.  McKynlee was a little bruised but she had no problems otherwise and was born without any complications to herself. 


After the delivery however, we did have a few complications.  My uterus wouldn't contract so I started to hemorrhage.  My midwife had to pack me with gauze while she tried to manually contract my uterus.  Something that makes me eternally grateful I ended up getting an epidural as it requires her to place one hand on the inside of my uterus and one hand on the outside of my belly and simulate contractions.  I didn't feel it but it would have been incredibly painful otherwise.  As it is, I was left with bruises and soreness for days afterword.  She also gave me all the medications at her disposal to get my uterus to contract - four different kinds I believe.  I got a shot in each leg and medication in my IV.  It took her a couple of hours after delivery of her working on me to get the bleeding under control.  She even kept me on a slow drip of Pitocin for another 24 hours to make sure my uterus kept contracting so I didn't start bleeding again.  I also had a second degree tear that she had to stitch up in that time frame as well.  Way less severe than the tearing I had with Hadley.  

Because of my diabetes, one of the very first things they check on my babies is their blood sugar levels.  Babies born to diabetic mothers can struggle with their blood sugars being either too low or too high - especially the bigger the baby.  Sure enough, McKynlee had lower blood sugars so the staff became very concerned with getting her immediate food.  She was very lethargic and not very responsive for those first 24 hours while we worked on getting her sugars up.  They wanted to test 2 hours after every meal to see if she could maintain her blood sugar level and they had to be higher than a 45 for three consecutive pokes.  If she failed one, then we had to start the three pokes over again.  She kept failing.  We decided to supplement with formula to help her raise her blood sugar levels.  With the added formula and breast milk, we finally saw a rise in her blood sugars and she finally passed all three pokes and we were able to bring her home that Friday.  Luckily, her blood sugars weren't too much off the mark when she did fail otherwise she could have went to NICU.  We also were very proactive in getting her the volume she needed so we saw an almost immediate rise in her sugars once we gave her formula.  The only downside is that she wouldn't latch onto the breast after the bottle.  She's still getting breast milk, but now I have to pump it for her and give it to her in a bottle.  

Thankfully, everyone is doing fantastic at this point.  MyKynlee is two weeks old today and very vocal about her food.  She's quite the chunk and is already weighing in at 9 lbs 12 oz, 4 ounces over her birth weight.  She's also wearing 0-3 month clothes and a size 1 diaper.  She almost completely skipped the newborn stage.  My recovery is going great as well.  I really couldn't tell that I delivered an almost 10 pound baby.  I did encapsulate my placenta again and I think that is the main reason why my recovery has been so amazing.   

Hadley is incredible and has taken to being a big sister like it's second nature.  She loves to touch her baby and give her kisses and hugs.  Sometimes a little too forcefully so we have to watch her like a hawk, haha.  Having two babies, especially in under a year, has been a bit of an adjustment.  It gets a bit hectic when they are both hungry at the same time or when I'm feeding McKynlee and Hadley wants to be held.  Tim was able to take some time off and having him home as been such a blessing.  We're slowly adjusting and figuring out how to multitask with two instead of one.  It's a kind of chaos that I can't help but love.


1st family photo

1 day old

2 weeks old