Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baby Countdown!

Just like Hadley, we only get to see from nose down
I’m counting down the days until she’s here!  This pregnancy has been a rough one and I’m the most miserable I have ever been.  In fact, at my last week’s appointment my midwife decided to do a cervical check to make sure everything is okay.  Turns out that the baby is already super low and in position – hence the discomfort.  I’m 1 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and already having contractions.  Nothing super intense, just enough to make me uncomfortable.  However, it has been making my regular life difficult especially since I have a 10-month-old who is walking EVERYWHERE.  Tim has really picked up my slack though and he takes care of most everything at this point.  My midwife doesn’t seem to think this baby is going to wait until 40 weeks to make her appearance.

She looks so much like Hadley did
We also had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the baby’s size.  She’s considerably bigger than Hadley was.  At 36 weeks, Hadley measured 5lbs 14oz.  This little girl is already measuring at 7lbs 7oz.  I had a feeling she was going to be bigger so I wasn’t too surprised by those numbers.  My doctor was still pretty happy with my blood sugars.  My numbers have been great, my A1C came back as a 5.3 (which are non-diabetic numbers), and my amniotic fluid was normal which is another indicator that my diabetes has been controlled well.  However, this baby is still big so he thinks it would be best to induce at 39 weeks vs. waiting.  I’m hoping she comes on her own before then because I don’t want to induce again if I can help it.  I will say, if it’s induction vs a 10-lb baby, I’ll take the induction. 

My blood pressure seems to be on the rise the last couple of weeks.  I ended up getting induced with Hadley so my midwife and doctor are concerned that it’ll just keep getting higher.  They have ordered restricted activity from here until the baby comes.  No more walking, standing, carting stuff around, they don’t want me to walk around Costco.  I’m ordered to keep my feet up as much as possible and only light daily activity.  It’s not bed rest, but not far off.  They are wanting to make sure to get ahead of this so it doesn’t turn into preeclampsia. 

I do have some good news!  I’m GBS negative this time so that means I don’t have to be on antibiotics during labor and I won’t have to be monitored as much.  Yay!!!  I have gained around 40 pounds this pregnancy - I swear all in my belly.  I keep freaking out every time I go to the doctor because the scale just keeps going up.  They laugh at me and say that it’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy but I can’t figure out why I’ve gained so much especially since I lost 36 pounds with Hadley.  I’ll be interested in seeing how much comes off after I deliver. 

The next 3(ish) weeks promise to be interesting.  I’m really hoping she decides to come a little early but if not, we’ll have a baby in 3 weeks.  I’ll opt for an induction at 39 weeks if she hasn’t come on her own by then.  Being diabetic, there are way more risks during delivery if the baby is larger.  I’m not willing to risk it.  I guess we'd better get on the stick and pick a name for this kid since she'll be here sooner rather than later!  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

10 Month Update

Easter 2017

My little lady!  It's my favorite when she crosses her legs 

This is the only way I can get my bump in the picture without a mirror.  33 1/2 weeks!

I now have a 10 month old!  Man, how time flies.  It seriously feels like I gave birth to her yesterday and here I am, six weeks from birthing our second daughter and I have 10 month old.  What the heck is going on in my life????!!!

I laugh at myself when I look back and think about how na├»ve my thinking was when it came to pregnancy/birth/child rearing.  I had no clue what I was getting into and no amount of anyone telling me was going to come close to preparing me for reality.  We’ve done the all-nighters, the sickies, the vomit/poop parties, teething and all the pretty standard stuff that people think about when it comes to parenting.  We’ve also got to experience things we would never have thought about – like finding a car seat that would actually fit in my car behind the front seats.  We put Hadley’s car seat in the middle because it wouldn’t fit but now that we need to add another car seat to the mix we’ve had to improvise.  Who thinks of things like this before they have kids???  We sure didn’t.  Heck, we didn’t even measure Hadley’s car seat before we just bought one. 

It’s been an incredible, albeit frustrating at times, journey so far.  We just took Hadley in for a checkup and she’s measuring at a 1 year old level developmentally.  She has 8 teeth and more coming in, she started walking and standing up on her own (not pulling herself up) at 9 months, she can clap and high five, gives the sweetest kisses, drinks out of a sippy cup and a straw, and has the most amazing laugh.  Hadley has a mind of her own and there is no making her do anything she doesn’t want to.  She weaned herself off her binky, pureed baby food, and now she’s weaning herself off her bottle.  She will eat anything and everything in sight.  In fact, it wasn’t until we started daycare a few weeks ago that we realized just how capable she is of feeding herself.  We may have been a little bit over protective and I wouldn’t let her eat a ton of solid foods.  It wasn’t until she started refusing baby food and her bottle that I was forced to start feeding her solid food.  Since starting daycare, she’s thrived and now eats solid food on the regular.  She was way ready before I was.

I thought we would have more time to adjust to feeding an extra body regular food.  Leave it to Hadley to prove me wrong.  It’s a whole different ball game when you are 100% responsible for what goes in someone else’s mouth.  I have to make sure she’s getting the proper nutrients and getting of what she needs to grow.  It’s a bit daunting at times.  She also wants whatever mom and dad eat so I am forced to be conscientious of what I eat.  At times, it’s been daunting.  Especially when I’m tired and I don’t feel like cooking or cleaning up.  It’s way too easy to slip back in the routine of stopping somewhere and getting something.  However, if I do that I either get something for Hadley or she goes without any solid food.  I refuse to feed her crappy fast food and a bottle just isn’t enough to satisfy her anymore.  We eat at home now.

Thinking about all this long term is kind of scary.  My number one goal when I found out I was pregnant with Hadley was to make sure that she had a different relationship with food than I did.  Right now, it’s going well.  She tells us when she’s hungry and when she’s had enough she pushes her food/bottle away and stops eating.  Somewhere along the way I have lost that and I don’t want to take that away from her.  We let her eat when she wants and how much she wants.  We just offer her the leftovers later if she gets hungry again.  Tim and I both want to make sure that she knows the difference between healthy and unhealthy.  However, I also give her macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  She doesn’t get it regularly or every day and she usually gets it with a vegetable and/or fruit.  I guess my point is, I want my children to grow up with a balanced relationship with food.  I want them to experience and enjoy it all but to also know what the word moderation means. 

Hadley is just learning to eat and appreciate the wide varieties of food.  What we teach her now will create the relationship she’ll have with food for the rest of her life.  It’s daunting, at times, knowing that I’m responsible for that when I have my own food struggles.  It makes me want to do better for her and the child coming.        

Friday, February 3, 2017


This is kind of an in between post and doesn't really have anything to do with weight loss.  I'm excited because I finally sat down and figured out how to create the Picsart #treeoflife photo and I wanted to share mine!  I think it became a big thing because it was meant to make people aware of breastfeeding.  I myself didn't have a long breastfeeding journey.  From the beginning, I struggled with Hadley to get her to latch and eventually ended up exclusively pumping for her for four months before my supply diminished.

I struggled for the first month to nurse Hadley before I had to go back to work and we switched to bottles.  Once she started taking a bottle we didn't nurse as often and I eventually just started pumping.  Because of this, I have two or three photos in total of me nursing her.  I'm thankful that I have those because it's empowering to look back at them and know that I tried to do that for her.  Amidst the struggle, we did have some incredible successes.  It's awesome knowing that I provided her with the nutrients she needed and I gave her the best start in life that I could.  I wanted to do something to commemorate so I created the following photos from Picsart.  I couldn't decide which I liked better so I posted both.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Is Winter Over Yet?

I’m not usually the biggest fan of Winter because I hate driving around when the roads are icy and snowy.  I love everything else about it, however.  The way the entire landscape changes and the cool temperatures.  I was really excited for this Winter especially because it would be Hadley’s first snow.  And boy did it snow.  We got more snow this year than we had for over 30 years!  Everyone was calling it record breaking – schools closed, garbage trucks couldn’t get into subdivisions to pick up trash, mail wasn’t being delivered, and stores were sold out of everything because power kept going out.  It was utter chaos and driving around in it has been hellacious.  God definitely made it special for Hadley – holy cow.  Apparently, there is another winter storm coming our way and we’re supposed to get another 6 inches of snow by Friday.  I just want to cry every time I hear the words “more snow”.      

Some good things have happened this winter though.  With all the cold and yuck, we haven’t been tempted to eat out so we’ve been planning and eating all our meals at home.  YAY!  My sweet girl is 7 months old and she can say Ma (usually at the top of her lungs when she’s pissed), she has two teeth, she’s happily eating solids along with her formula, she’s rolling around like crazy and is almost ready to crawl, and she can pull herself up by grabbing on to the side of something.  Once that girl can crawl/walk we are in some serious trouble.  Her favorite things to play with are the surround sound speaker cords and the cord to her swing.  We’ve celebrated some big milestones with Hadley this Winter which has put a brighter perspective on the whole situation. 

We’ve also celebrated some new things with baby girl number 2.  We’re now 23 weeks along and baby is super healthy and growing just like she should.  I’ve been doing all the same things I had with Hadley but this pregnancy has been markedly different.  I’ve gained weight with this pregnancy when I didn’t with Hadley.  I’m now up to around 295.  I complained so much about it at all my prenatal appointments my midwife had to explain that women normally gain weight during pregnancy.  Luckily, I haven’t put on anything else in the last few weeks.  I started showing earlier and I felt the baby move way sooner – which was awesome.  I have a posterior placenta this time around so the movements alone have been so much different.  My diabetes and sugars have been well controlled and it shows in the size of the baby.  If everything is good there and she is healthy, I’m not too worried about weight gain – if it doesn’t keep going up.  I’m trying so hard to keep myself away from 300, in a healthy non-dieting way while I’m pregnant.  It’s not a number I ever want to see again.

Aside from those things, I’ve been giving considerable thought to becoming a stay a home mom.  Right now, my mom has been watching Hadley for us while Tim and I work which has been such a huge blessing.  I’ve loved not having to put her in daycare and she loves spending time with her Grandma.  But, I’m having a harder and harder time leaving the house to go work when my girl is at home.  With the new baby coming I have been struggling with the thought of going back to work.  The problem we have is that it takes two incomes for us to pay our bills.  I don’t know how long my mom is going to be able to watch both girls, especially since they just bought a house farther away from us.  I’m trying to come up with some options that would allow me to work from home and set my own schedule.  So far, I haven’t come up with a solution.  Hopefully something will happen soon but until then we are just living day by day.