Thursday, August 4, 2016

Getting Back In the Habit

That's right people . . . my fat behind has started running again!!

Let me back up a tad.  Since my last post I got so down and so upset because I just was in a funk.  The only thing that seemed to make me feel better was going for a exercising.  Tim and I took the baby and the dogs and we walked this weekend on our favorite greenbelt.  I find it so peaceful to walk there.  I can clear my head and refocus on my goals while we walk.  Plus my cravings lessened and eventually kinda went away.  It helps that I stuck to my meal plan and didn't eat or drink anything off plan.
After our Sunday morning walk

Part of the greenbelt
Monday came and we weren't able to go on our walk.  Nor were we able to go Tuesday or Wednesday.  Guess what?  I started to slip up and I started eating small things off plan.  Like diet Coke.  I started to justify to myself why that was okay to have.  But, those cravings for sweets came screaming back in with a vengeance and I was finding it harder and harder to say no and I kept finding more excuses to eat things off plan.  I really think that not exercising (and artificial sweeteners) had something to do with it.  I kept having this urgency to get out and walk and every night that we didn't do it made the next day worse.  Tonight I decided that we were going no matter what.  

Tim and I decided to go back to the high school track we used to run on when we first started hanging out.  Our intention was to just walk, since I haven't ran or really worked out in 3 years, but when we got there we decided to try and run.  We both ran a 1/4 mile without stopping.  I can't even describe the feeling I got when I started to run.  It was like my body knew exactly what to do.  I immediately started regulating my breathing and it just felt so good to be running again.  I have zero muscles in my legs though so they got tired before I did.  But I did also run four sets of bleachers.  (Up and down is one set.)  I'm extremely pleased with what I accomplished and I feel good for the first time this week.  I really needed to get out of my house and just be active.  It makes all the difference in the world.
I earned that red, sweaty face
It's amazing to me how good my body feels after I exercise.  My spirits are lifted and I have renewed determination to do something better.  I just feel different about being active this time than I did after HCG.  Before it was something I had to do and now it's almost like a need to be outside doing something.  I really hope that I can keep that feeling and I start to crave exercise more than I do food.

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