Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baby Update

Yesterday we went for our usual checkup and our 36 week ultrasound.  This appointment was extra special because it's our last ultrasound before the baby makes her debut and we also had to take measurements to determine how she's growing.  Tim and I have been pretty anxious about this appointment, specifically in regards to how big or small she is.  There's some risk that the baby could be getting too big because of my diabetes.  We've been controlling my blood sugars really well this entire pregnancy, which is why we didn't have to go on insulin (thank you Lord), and we've been staying active and have been super careful about what we eat.  However, her other ultrasounds have always shown her to be slightly bigger by a couple pounds than what the national average has been.  The doctors have never been worried because we've been right on track but it's been so long since we've checked her progress that we didn't know what to expect.

Hadley's Face.  Chin, lips, and nose
 Luckily, everything checked out and she's perfect.  Better than perfect.  The national average says she should be at 6 pounds and she's measuring at 5lbs 14oz.  The amniotic fluid levels are right where they are supposed to be.  (Having more fluid around the baby can be a sign of poorly controlled diabetes - it means the baby is peeing more than she should be.)  The doctor says that it definitely shows how hard we've been working and he has no fear that she'll be anything but healthy.  We were hoping for a better look at her face but there wasn't enough fluid around her head to get a 3D picture and she was being stubborn in her 2D pictures so we still only have a partial look at her face.  The next time we see her will be in person so I guess we'll just have to wait until then and be surprised.

As far I'm doing, everything is still going great.  I stopped losing weight but I haven't gained either.  Both my midwife and the doctor are extremely pleased with that.  In fact, losing 30 pounds this pregnancy has most definitely helped.  I haven't had many aches and pains, just pressure now that the baby has started to drop.  My blood pressure and everything else has been great.  We had to do a Group B Strep test this visit so we're just waiting on those results to come back.  I'm hoping everything goes ok there but my midwife assures me that if it does come back positive it's not anything to worry about.

Tim and I are getting excited and anxious for Hadley to get here.  We are so ready to meet her and hold her.  I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore, haha.  Things are definitely starting to get more and more uncomfortable the lower she sits.  So far she's head down and in position so everything looks good and ready for the "BIG DAY".  Cross your fingers for me that it's soon!  (But not too soon.)

Monday, May 9, 2016

34 Weeks & Counting

These last few weeks have just dragged by, or so it seems.  But here we are with only 6 weeks left until my due date.  These days if I think about that too long I get super emotional when I think about her being here.  However, thinking about her does keep me from worrying about labor and delivery.

Speaking of, we did have to go into labor and delivery a couple times these last couple weeks.  Her movements slowed down and we got a little worried so we had to go get monitored for 30 minutes.  Turns out she's just a stink and completely healthy.  As soon as the monitor was put on she started kicking it, HARD.  She was making my whole belly roll with her movements.  I'll admit it was a welcome relief after not feeling her for a few hours.  Tim and I are so close to having her here that we may have panicked a little bit.  Well, I did most of the panicking while he stayed pretty calm.  I thank God on a regular basis for Tim.  He's been my rock this entire pregnancy.

This pregnancy so far has been amazing.  The first trimester I was really tired all the time and had some slight morning sickness, second trimester was an absolute breeze, and the third trimester has been fun and relatively painless.  I have some discomfort just because she uses my bladder as a pillow but other than that I haven't had any complaints.  In fact, most people have been asking me if I'm ready to be done being pregnant.  The answer is yes, but not because I'm uncomfortable - I just want to hold her already.

I think this trimester has been the most fun just because we've been getting things prepared for her arrival.  We had the baby shower - which was absolutely amazing and way exceeding any expectations I had.  We were able to complete the baby's room and it turned out so cute - the picture doesn't do it justice.  We still need a couple of shelves and I want a rocker to go in the empty corner.  But overall, it's pretty much done.  Other than small items I think we're pretty much done shopping for the baby altogether.  She's already got a TON of clothes to last her the whole first year of her life.

Now it's just a matter of getting the last little bit of things together and then just waiting.  I've started to read labor and delivery books and my doula and midwife are trying to get me as prepared for labor as possible.  We did our hospital walk through and decided on our birth plan.  Tim wants to start getting the bags packed for the hospital for both the baby and us.  We're going to get the car seat ready in the car in the next couple weeks - just in case she decides to come early.  Other than that we are as done as we can be.