Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Is Here!

I'm so excited that spring is finally here!  It may still be cold out but we've had more sunny days than not.  I love spring; it's my absolute favorite time of the year!  Winter can be kind of a downer and then spring comes, everything is blooming, new babies are being born, it's green, and the sun is out.  I love it!

We decided to celebrate the first day of spring with our first outside barbecue in the new house.  It was such a perfect day for it too because the sun was shining and it was warm enough outside that we could sit in the backyard and enjoy ourselves.  I haven't actually barbecued myself in quite some time so we were pretty excited to get our new grill set up.  It only took us four hours to set it up but when we finally got it together it was perfect.  Our friends came over and we just had a nice time just visiting.

Tim and I actually had a hard time decided what kind of grill to get.  He prefers charcoal and I prefer propane.  I say that and everyone thinks I'm crazy.  I think I like it but it's an easy on and off - I'm not leaving hot coals to go out on their own.  Plus, I've never used charcoal before so I suppose that was part of it.  Anyway, we decided to go ahead and get a dual propane/charcoal combo to have the best of both worlds.  We used charcoals for our barbecue last night but the plan is to get the propane set up so we can test that out next.  Either way, I'm relatively excited that there's going to be a lot of barbecuing in my future.  My side of the family is big on grilling and they'll barbecue all year long.

It was the perfect way to bring in the 1st day of spring.

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