Monday, February 15, 2016

We're Moving!

I'm so excited/stressed/nervous that we are getting ready to move!  Tim and I moved into his family home 2 years ago when his mom decided to move out.  It has been a great place to live, especially since the rent was cheap.  The only problem is that because it was his family home there was a ton of his grandmother's memorabilia and so it was hard to change anything in the house.  In fact, most of my stuff ended up in storage.

Two years later and a baby on the way, it's past time for Timothy and I to have a place of our own.  I'm so excited and we found a super cute duplex that has all the room we need.  Plus, we are able to completely re-furnish the entire house with stuff we pick out together.  It's been so difficult interesting trying to mesh my ideas of what I want with his.  I used to think that we had pretty much the same taste in furniture and decorations.  I was wrong.  Living with a boy now means that he wants to decorate our entire house in camouflage.  I don't know how I feel about that just yet.

We did pick out our brand new bedroom furniture though.  My pregnant body is so thankful for that already!  We were sleeping on Tim's bed because it was bigger.  It was a converted water bed but I swear the mattress was made out of rocks.  I haven't been able to sleep well the farther along I get.  I wake up so sore half the time.

We have a lot to do in the four and a half months we have left in this pregnancy.  And we still have a LOT to buy, including nursery stuff, before the baby gets here.  I'm looking forward to it though.  Who doesn't like to shop for furniture?



  1. Yay! May I make a suggestion on the baby furniture? If you have craigslist or other means of second hand, even a want ad in the paper, you can get good stuff so cheaply. Some babies don't like baby swings, and if you spend a hundred bucks on one, ouch. But, seeing that babies only use stuff for such a short period of time, you could get a gently used one for less than half that, and if baby doesn't like it, it's not a huge loss, and you can re-sell it, too. Anyway, have so much fun picking stuff out, it is such a blessed time, and thank you for sharing:)

    1. That's a brilliant idea and I love it! I'm not buying anything for the baby until after the baby shower and by then it's yard sale season. I have gotten some amazing baby things going yard sale shopping for other people's babies that I know I can get some awesome stuff. At least I hope so. I am not above buying previously owned and used items!