Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gender Reveal!

I'm so excited that we can finally announce that we are having a baby . . .  GIRL!!

This is a view of her bum and her legs.  The arrow is pointing at three white dots that indicate it's a girl!

Believe it or not, we've actually known it was a girl since week 13.  Because that's so early they tell you it's just a highly educated guess and they won't confirm it until week 18 or so.  We waited to tell until we knew for sure, though I was already positive, to announce the gender publicly. 

Originally we had planned on doing a gender reveal party and we weren't going to find out, because I can't keep secrets.  We were going to have our friend, who was throwing the party, find out and keep it a secret so we were surprised along with everyone else.  Unfortunately at week 13 we went for our 1st trimester screening and the doctor, who is not my OB, blurted out the gender.  Tim's mom was there and I accidentally told my mom a week a later.  (I said "she" when referring to the baby.)  So we decided since our moms already knew the gender we wouldn't do the party but we would instead get a cute little balloon pop photo to reveal the gender to the rest of the family.  It proved more difficult than I thought to keep that a secret.  By now most everybody already knows so we just decided to skip that part.  Can't say I'm a little bummed but I'm still pretty excited that it's a GIRL

It's crazy to me how much she's grown at 19 weeks.  Her arms and legs are proportionate and we got to see all of her fingers and toes.  I'm pleased to say there is 10 of each.  It's amazing to me, even still, that she's in there.  They tell me I have an anterior placenta which means it's in the front of the uterus and that's why I haven't felt her move around yet.  But it's so exciting each time we go to get an ultrasound that we can see her waving her arms and legs and wiggling around in there.  My favorite part, is listening to her heartbeat.  By far, it's the best sound in the world.  At least so far, haha.


  1. I am so excited for you guys! I never felt my babies kick so early anyway, it was like 20 weeks before I felt anything. It is such a miracle, though, the way a baby grows, and they way you fall in love before you even meet. :)


    1. Thanks for the happy words! I'm so beyond excited for this baby that I already can't wait for it to be here. I think I'll need those extra five months though to get as ready as I can lol.