Saturday, August 15, 2015

Finding The Balance

These last two weeks have been absolutely insane.  Time management went completely out the window and I feel like we've seriously just been walking around like Zombies.  Tim and I have been running from dawn to dusk every day - seven days a week. 

My work recently converted to a whole new billing system so we ha to move all of our customers to the new system.  I've been working a ton of overtime and work has been super stressful.  I work for a huge utility company and it has been quite the process.  We started using the new system the first week of August and we are still working out all the kinks.  The worst part about this conversion is that my work has catered in food for us almost every week.  And not a single bit of it has been healthy. Donuts, loaded mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, pasta, sweets - you name it.  It has been killing me.  I had lost 20 pounds but in the last two wees I've gained back 3 pounds and it has stuck. 

It doesn't help that we haven't been able to hit the gym.  Last weekend we were out riding horses at Tim's mom's house and he had an accident and fell off the horse.  His horse got spooked by another horse and she jumped one way and he went the opposite way.  We ended up spending the night in the ER to make sure he didn't break anything.  He bruised his hip bone pretty good though so he's been ordered to take it easy while it recovers.  Between everything going on with work and Tim's accident we just haven't been able to be very active.  I've actually really missed going - it gave me a serious energy bump during the day.

This next week is going to be the calm before the storm hits.  It's our last week before I head back to school fulltime, while I'm still working full time.  On top of that, my uncle is coming in from Wisconsin the same week I start school, which I am thrilled about, but it's going to be crazy insane for a little bit.  I'm actually getting a bit nervous about all the things going on as I'm not sure how I'm going to manage all of it.  I have to fit in school, work, the gym, and still find time for my personal life.  It's going to be interesting. 

We'll figure it all out eventually but it's going to be interesting trying to find the balance in the meantime.  Any advice would sure be appreciated!