Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March Madness!

This has been a crazy month for us!  I literally would try and sit down to write a post but I’d only get about halfway through before I’d have to get up and do something else.  Now I have 15 unpublished, half-written posts.  I’m actually typing this up while I’m at work because, believe it or not, this is about the only time I’ve got to do it. 

Honestly, we just seem to be on the go all the time and when we finally get home at night we drop into bed utterly exhausted.  Then we wake up and do it all again the next day.  For a while there were going getting up early to prep our meals, cook breakfast, and get lunches ready, and then we were off to work.  We’d get home and run to the gym for an hour, sometimes longer, and then come home and cook dinner, clean up, and go to bed.  We weren’t getting into bed until 12:00, 12:30 every morning and then we were up by six to do it all again.  It made for a pretty long day and we eventually just burned out.  Pretty soon we gave up going to the gym and then we gave up cooking at home.  Totally defeated the purpose of what we were trying to do. 

I actually got so burnt out that I took a couple weeks off of work just recuperate.  I spent a lot of time going to doctors and whatnot but I also got to spend some time outside walking our dogs.  We’ve had some really beautiful, warm whether lately so I took full advantage of it and chose to spend my gym time outside.  It was so worth it!  Tim and I actually saw some white tail deer on some of our walks.  Plus the dogs really enjoyed getting to go with us. 
I’m back at work now and we’re still trying to figure out the best way to manage our time.  For now we plan and doing as much food prepping as we can on Sundays so we can just throw stuff together quickly.  We also are taking it easy on the gym.  It’s still a priority but I’m not going to kill myself if I don’t make it every day.  Our short days are Wednesday and Thursday so we go those days and then at least one day on the weekend.  We try to fit in extra time during the week where we can.  We’ve also been walking on a regular basis with the dogs around our neighborhood.

We’re still watching what we eat.  For myself, I’m trying to stay away from carbohydrates.  I try not to eat any simple carbs and I am very strict on the complex carbs we eat.  My blood sugar has been pretty high so I’m trying to get that under control.  We’ve actually found out, recently, that we can’t eat very much dairy without getting sick.  We’ve switched to lactose free milk and we cut out yogurt, cheese, and things like that.  Every once in a while I might eat some cheese but it’s rare.  Tim really wants to start eating fewer meats so we’ve cut back a lot on the red meat.  We eat a lot of chicken, turkey, and fish.  We’ve also been making a lot of meals with no meat – like this Italian Wonder Pot from  Its SOOO good and Tim loves that it doesn’t have any meat in it. 
We still struggle a little bit.  It’s been a process to actually worry and think about what food I’m cooking.  Before it was just mindless – this looks good so let’s eat it and who cares what the effects on my body are.  It’s different now, my body actually rebels if I put something in there it doesn’t want.  We still don’t know what the heck we’re doing at the gym but we keep trying new things.  For now it’s really just about making that extra effort and being more active.  We’ll fine tune our process as we go.  The mistakes we’ve made so far have really helped us in the long run because now we have a better understanding of how far we can push ourselves and what works for us.   


  1. I think as long as you aren't giving up you are making progress. Keep it up!'

    1. I think you're right and I appreciate your view - I hadn't thought that way myself.