Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weekend In McCall

This weekend we decided to get away from home for a bit so we drove about three hours away to a small city called McCall.  Every year, McCall hosts a winter carnival where different businesses build these gigantic snow sculptures.  If you ever get the chance to go than make sure you do, it really is an amazing sight to see.  Anyway, Tim and I decided to head up on Saturday to see the winter carnival and we wanted to check out a possible wedding venue while we were up there.

Tim had to work for part of the morning so we headed up as soon as he got off.  The drive from Boise to McCall is literally straight through the mountains and it’s an amazing drive.  I love seeing all the pine trees and the rivers as we drove by.  Even the air was much cleaner and so we rolled down the windows and just breathed it all in.    There was still snow on the ground in some parts so it just made for a very pretty and peaceful drive. 

We were pretty excited to see all the ice sculptures but it turns out that this weekend was record breaking for Idaho.  The temperature ended up being in the sixties.  So, if you can imagine, the ice sculptures were all melted and barely distinguishable!  I did get some very interesting pictures of some giant lumps of snow though.  We weren’t all that disappointed because there was so much else going on and so many different things to see that we kept busy the whole time we were there.

This is the only picture I got.  It's supposed to be the star wars characters.

The wedding venue we wanted to look at was The Shore Lodge.  It sits right on the lake and has the most amazing view.  You literally get married lake side with the mountains in the background.   The lodge was beautiful and it was pretty inclusive.  They provide all the food, beverage, chairs, linens, dinnerware, and cutlery.  It saves so much expense.  They have two separate rooms – one for the ceremony and dancing and then one for dinner.  They are both gorgeous.  We were very impressed with the cost and all the amenities the venue came with.  I think it’s a serious contender but we’re still looking around for other possibilities. 

We ended the night with a firework show out over the lake.  It was pretty awesome but I didn't get any pictures because it started to rain and it got pretty cold out.  We bundled up and snuggled to stay warm.  After the fireworks we drove back home.  I can't wait until summer is here.  We had such a blast we plan on going back up this summer.    

Sunday was just a pretty average day.  We spent some much needed time with my mother and Tim's mother and then we went and got our weekly grocery shopping out of the way.  Nothing too strenuous.  It was a pretty great weekend though.


  1. I am glad that I got to go up there with you. I had an amazing time! The pictures turned out great! Also that's the place we are getting married!!

    1. I sure wouldn't mind marrying you there. =D