Monday, September 15, 2014


Mondays are typically harder days for me.  I’m usually tired because I stayed up really late the weekend before and I probably hadn’t been eating the way that I should I have been.  So when Monday comes rolling around it’s usually hard for me to get into the groove of things.  I, like so many others, usually dread Mondays.
This Monday, however, has proven to be very different.  For starters, I got my new schedule at work and my drive in this morning was 30 minutes less than what it usually is because I’m not driving in rush hour traffic to get to work!  This morning I got up around the time I normally leave for work and spent my morning puttering around the house.  I got so much more accomplished this morning than I normally do in a week!  I’m also getting a 15% (of my base pay) shift differential because I’m working two hours later than I was.  I can now schedule doctor appointments before I have to go into work instead of having to schedule time off to go.  Seriously, I’m so freaking excited right now I could spit.  I also got to have lunch with my honey today, and every day this week if I want, because he’s off work by the time I have to take my lunch. 
The only thing that’s come up, due to the schedule change, is the impact it’s going to have on Tim and I.  Currently he works from 5:45-2:15 every day.  I was working 8-5 so I could come home, we would make dinner together and take the dogs for a walk.  Now because I’m working 10-7 we aren’t going to have much time after work to do those things.  Luckily I have an amazing man in my life that is willing to have dinner ready for me when I get home so I can eat and we can go on our evening walk before he has to go to bed.  I’ll just be in charge of cleanup duty, which I’m not opposed to at all.  Thankfully, we only have to do this for a couple of weeks and then his schedule will change to match mine.  I just have to say, we’ve been extremely lucky where our schedules are concerned.  We both work for completely different companies and our schedules have pretty much been able to match up without too much difficulty or sacrifice.  We have been so fortunate in that regard. 
I will say that so far this month all of planning has paid off.  We have extra money because we budget and we’re able to see where our money is going every month.  We’ve also been able to eliminate some stupid debt in our lives due to the financial budget.  Seeing how little we have left over each month compared to what we could have has been a powerful motivator in getting rid of that needless expense.  Because of this change, we’ve also been able to budget in a gym membership-which we previously thought we weren’t going to be able to do.  We are both extremely excited to get back into the habit of going to the gym.  We need that environment.

The meal planning has been interesting as well.  It’s my hope that as we get more and more into the habit of making a weekly meal plan, and sticking to it, that I can start posting recipe’s for you guys to try.  I know that I’ve found some pretty amazing ones and some that weren’t all that great, whether it was just too difficult or time consuming to prepare or just because of taste.  Anyway, I’m writing some down and will be posting them soon.  Meal planning, at least to me, has pretty much been the same as a financial budget.  We’re able to see where we spend the majority of our eating (can we say dinner) as well as eliminate some of the snacking and thoughtless buying we’ve been struggling with.  It’s been a massive, gargantuan help in our household.  I would strongly recommend it to anyone that is looking for something to help.
So, as far as Monday’s go mine has been pretty spectacular thanks to all the positivity brought on by my schedule change.  I look forward to seeing how the rest of the week goes.

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  1. I'm glad things are working in your favor especially on a Monday!!