Sunday, June 22, 2014

Beware: Picture Overload!

So I kind of mentioned yesterday that I got some puppies.  I thought I'd go into a little more detail because I'm absolutely obsessed with them! 

Around three and a half Weeks Here
To be honest I had no intentions of getting a dog.  I really wasn't in a place in my life to have one.  I was a few weeks away from moving and finances were kind of strapped.  Anyway, Tim's mother had a dog that had just had puppies in February.  Even though Tim and I had broken up we've remained good friends and there for a while I was spending a lot of time with him at his mother's house.  So I got to play with these puppies on a pretty regular basis.  She had two females and one male-who was a little fat ball of cuteness. They are miniature pincher, Chihuahua, and pug mixed.  A pretty crazy breed right?

I fell in love with this little man and every time I would go to Timmy's house I would go get him right away and we'd play and cuddle.  It got to the point that as soon as he heard my voice his whole little body would start wagging.  I even came up with a silly name and I started calling him that.  There was this extremely stupid song playing on the radio but the main line is "Don't drop that dun dun dun."  I had just gotten done listening to this song on the radio, don't judge me, and Tim said I should call the puppy Bert.  I laughed and said we should instead call him Bert-da-dur to go along with the music from this stupid song.  It stuck and I started calling this puppy Bert-da-dur so much that he started coming to it when I called!  I think Tim's mother, Cheryl, knew that my resistance was wearing down because she kept reminding me that she'd be posting him for sale online pretty soon. 

When Bert, yes I shortened it, was about six/seven weeks Cheryl let me start taking him on car rides-so I could decide if I really wanted him or not. Of course at this point there is no way that this little man is going ANYWHERE but home with me.  I was already completely in love with this little guy and he already would come running whenever he saw me.  Cheryl agreed to let me make payments, she was asking 250 for him, until I got him completely paid off.  Luckily I was able to give it to her all at once so I could finally take him home.  Let me just tell you, the first night did not go well at all!  He was used to be in a kennel so I bought him a rather large kennel with a puppy bed and lots of toys.  I planned on him sleeping in his kennel at night as he was not yet potty trained and I worried about him peeing on my bed at night.  Needless to say, Bert wasn't having it.  He cried the whole night until I finally relented and let him sleep next to me.  I just made sure to set an alarm to take him outside so he didn't potty on accident. 

She would cry in the car unless she got held
Around this time I was still working at HP with Tim and we were car pooling together.  On the days we worked I would go to pick up Tim and drop Bert off with Cheryl so she could puppy sit.  She only had one female puppy left by then.  I guess they were both pretty lonely without each other.  For some reason Cheryl was having a harder time selling her last little female.  She was about seven, almost eight, weeks old around this time.  Whenever I would drop Bert off both puppies would get so excited to see each other that they'd whine and bark.  Whenever I would take Bert to go home the

Sadie Girl

little girl would try to come with.  You could tell they had a great deal of love for each other.  Tim finally talked me into taking the little female, whom I named Sadie, to keep Bert company.  In reality I just fell in love with her too and couldn't bear for her to go to someone else.  And I've never regretted it since!  (I just wish I had pictures of her when she was itty-bitty.)

Sadie about eight/nine weeks

Bert eight/nine weeks

They are the craziest dogs.  So smart but sooo stubborn.  Bert is the adventurous one while Sadie can be more cautious.  She lets him forge ahead before she decides if she's going to do it or not.  They were both kennel trained at seven weeks old and they do really well together.  While working I didn't like keeping them in their kennel so long so I would baby gate them into the kitchen and have their grandma come over to let them out to play once a day.  (Don't worry they had plenty of food, water, and potty pads!)  Unfortunately I soon discovered that they could climb baby gates and their kennel to escape from the kitchen.  So I had to double baby gate the entry way to keep them in.  Then I discovered they like to eat kitchen tables!

They both love to cuddle and you'll usually find them in my lap or sitting next to me whenever I'm stationary.  Sadie is more petite and delicate and will gingerly walk accross my lap to lay down.  Not Bert.  He's a monster and usually launches himself at a dead run onto my lap and then flops himself down.  The only exception to that was when I had mono.  They were absolutely wonderful and seemed to instinctivly know when I was sore or had a fever-which was every day.  They're also sock thieves!  I can't do laundry without them grabbing my socks and running around the house while I chase them.  One of my roommates actually likes to leave clothes scattered around on her floor and whenever I open her door to put her mail in her room the puppies dart in for socks.  I'm constantly finding random socks everywhere or I can never find the matches. 

My sweet fur-babies are now five months, soon to be six months, old.  And they are huge!  We've had to upgrade their harnesses because the old ones don't fit anymore.  They are each getting more and more independent of one another, and me.  =(  It makes me sad that they are getting so big.  Sadie is still the smaller of the two and Bert just continues to surprise me with how big he's getting.  I try to take them on daily walks, both for their health and mine.  They certainly keep me going and it's such a joy whenever I get to come home to them.  I may be crazy obsessed with my furbabies.  I take tons and tons of pictures of them daily, haha.

They love each other!

Bert Loves his sleep!

Sadie Girl
Sadie, haha

Bert after our evening walk

Once again for your viewing pleasure, Then and Now:

Sadie Then!
Sadie Now.

Baby Bert

Monster Bert!

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