Sunday, October 13, 2013

6 Month Up Date

It's update time!  I can not believe that it's been SIX MONTHS since we changed our lives and started losing weight as a family.  I'm extremely proud of my family and the strides we've made.  God knows we've struggled but we keep moving forward, some of us kicking and screaming, but we keep going.

Shane has been incredible this entire journey.  The man has not deviated or wavered ONCE in his resolve (I wish I had half of his will power).  When we started on April 2nd he weighed 352.2 lbs and now he's down to 256 lbs making that a total loss of 96.2 lbs.  In six months.  He doesn't have a gym membership but he never sits still.  He's constantly moving and you probably won't find him inside sitting down until after dark.  That combined with what he means the pounds have just been dropping off of him.  I'm so thankful he's been doing this with me and I'm so proud of the progress he's made so far.

 Pictures are as follows:  Far right is starting, middle is last update, far left is current:

For my mom and I, these past couple of months have been a struggle and we've seen some setbacks in the weight loss department.  While we haven't gained any weight back we haven't seen much of a decrease in our weight either though we are still continuing to lose inches.  Mom has stayed at the same weight since our last update six weeks ago of 238.2.  She's still lost an incredible 37.2 lbs since we started in April.  That's not her true weight loss though because she actually started before the rest of the family did so her actual total weight loss is 49.2 lbs. 

Since my last update I've only had a total loss of 4 pounds making my current weight 270.6 which is a 56.2lb loss.  Breeze is always telling us that it's not about the number on the scale-it's about what our bodies are showing.  Well our bodies are showing that we haven't given up:  

It's been frustrating that we've let ourselves waver a bit and so we haven't seen the loss we both would have liked.  I think that we've made some incredible progress elsewhere though.  For instance, we've faced the temptations & the struggles but we're still here.  We didn't give in and we didn't give up.  We've both lost inches (I wish I would have had the forethought to measure my inches before and after, dang-it) and dropped sizes.  I'm now down to a size 16 & Ma is at a size 18.  Our gym memberships are still active and we're still going and still working out with our trainers.

I know for myself, and I suspect my mother also, that we've really struggled with our motivation.  I really just got so overwhelmed with how much I still had to go that I lost sight of what my end goal was.  I let my busy life take control and I started to sacrifice the things that mattered - like coming home and cooking dinner with my family.  Pretty soon some old behaviors were starting to creep back in and we were eating out more than we should have.

I read somewhere not to get motivated but determined instead.  Motivation comes and goes but determination is what's going to keep us going forward. We've decided that's just what we're going to do.  We are determined to lose the weight and live a healthier life.  I'm determined that next month there will be some better progress.  I'm determined to take control of my eating behaviors and conquer my weight.  


  1. I simply love that your whole family is in on this together! You are doing fantastic. Don't lose hope. I find my old behaviors creeping back in, and I hate it. I don't eat bread anymore, but then I find myself thinking that a few croutons won't hurt, a taste of this and a taste of that....and it adds up. I have put a few pounds back on, and I hate it! But: I will not give up. It is not an option. I will stay away from the carbs and the sugar and the treats. One of the things I did in the beginning that really helped was to always make two different veggies for myself at meals, if the family was eating rice or potatoes or bread. Sometimes I had a heaping bowl of steamed spinach with butter and lemon pepper, or perhaps my own bowl of broccoli. I also eat veggies in lieu of pasta. I am realizing that I have to re-find that total strictness.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing, I really love your blog!


  2. Thank you so much Della! I appreciate the encouragement. I know that it helps keep me on track thinking of all the other people out there doing it with me. I've been lucky that I've pretty much been maintaining my weight, vs gaining, but It's very frustrating to see my dad's progress and know that I could have been doing that with him. I'm trying not to focus on that and instead just realize that eating healthy is a better way to go. Right now I'm just trying to get back to the basics and start fresh.