Monday, September 2, 2013


Recently I've been struggling with motivation and finding the motivation to get to the gym and work out when I'm not working out with my trainers.  Lately my workouts have been severely lacking and I've only been getting in workouts twice a week for a few weeks now (those workouts being the days I'm with my trainers).  It's nobody's fault but my own but the honest truth is that I've just been de-motivated.  I keep finding excuses not to go to the gym like the fact that I've put it off and it's too late, I've got too much work to do, or just because I talked myself out of it.  That old "I'll hit it twice as hard tomorrow if I skip today" excuse just isn't flying anymore.  Tomorrow comes and there's another excuse waiting to keep me from going to the gym.

Needless to say, my weight loss has taken a hiatus and I'm stuck staring at the same damn number on the scale.  Thankfully I'm getting my sugar binging under control and my eating has been a LOT better than it was.  If i hadn't then I probably would have started gaining by now.  My motivation has been so lacking that I've even googled "motivation" to see if I can find some on the internet.  I didn't but I did find some advice from a fellow blogger, Joel Runyon.  He says,
"Motivation is overrated. Get disciplined instead.  In short: motivation is fleeting. Those people who who depend on motivation consistently start out with a big bang and fail as soon as something gets hard. As soon as the motivation dries up, they quit. The people who accomplish things get disciplined."
I think this was more frustrating for me because that's exactly what I did.  I started with a huge bang and dragged my entire family with me.  I was determined to get things done and I was doing it!  But still, somewhere along the line my motivation went awol and I'm standing here floundering, not getting anything done.  After reading Joel's post I realized that I needed to just do it and keep doing it until it's habit.

My resolve for the month of September is to get over myself and just do it.  I don't want to go to bed at night unless I know that I did at least one workout that day, whether it was running, burpies, or throwing weights around my front yard.  I just need to do something everyday.  Luckily I have great trainers that recognized my struggle and are putting steps in place to make sure I succeed.  Ultimately though, it's up to me and only me.  If I want the results I have to put in the work.

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