Wednesday, September 4, 2013

100 Burpees: Done & Done

I freaking did it!  Finally!  100 effing burpees!!

I was told that I would feel proud.  I am.
I was also told I would feel accomplished.  I do.

However, I can tell you-I don't ever want to do 100 of those suckers again.  That being said, I probably will.  They are truly a fantastic all body workout and I can gurantee that I burned a TON of calories doing them.  I know I was sweating like crazy by the time I was done.  Plus my trainers believes in making me push myself physically.  Can you believe that??  (In full disclosure-they usually do them with me.)

If you don't know what a burpee is, don't feel bad.  I didn't have a clue what they were either.  In fact I just called them up/downs.  Here's a short video on a proper way to do them.

Video aside, my burpees do not look like this.  I'm not quite at the level of fitness this guy is, almost, but not quite.  Mine are a little bit more modified than these ones otherwise I wouldn't be able to get in 100 of those suckers.  One day I'll be doing these like this guy-of course that means I'll probably have to keep practicing.  Ugh. 

Did I mention that I did these with weights?  I did 50 of them with no weights and 50 with a 25 pound weight that I had to push over my head when I came up.  I tried to do it with a 20 pound weight in each hand but it was just to much for me.  I'm more than a little sore after doing those and for some reason I have this awful feeling I'm going to be doing some more tomorrow. 

What exercise do you hate like the least but do anyway?


  1. lol I've never even tried to do one of these. I'm not eve sure if I can. I'll have to try tomorrow. ;o


    1. Oh you should! It's an incredible workout. I hate them with a passion but it's great for my body.

    2. We are all very proud of you Jenea!

  2. Thanks! I couldn't do it without you guys.