Monday, August 19, 2013

Sugar Cleanse?

So I've made a decision and I'm excited about it!  Here lately I've been struggling to get my sugar consumption under control.  Unfortunately it hasn't been going as well as I would like it to.  I keep justifying eating sugar with promises that I'll do better tomorrow.  Then tomorrow comes and I put it off again.  It's no good!  So I've made a decision that I'm just going to do it.  I'm not going to wait for the "right time" or those elusive tomorrows.  I'm going to start right now, this minute. 

I've set a goal that for thirty days I'm not going to consume any sugar, other than what is naturally in fruits and complex carbohydrates and even then I'm going to be super mindful of how much I'm consuming.  That eliminates fro-yo, sugared coffees, candy, and whatever else I've been eating that is complete crap.  Let's face it, there's been a lot of unhealthy behaviors lately.  So I'm taking my life back and getting my nutrition under control.  For the next thirty days I'm going to be sugar free!  It's going to be hard and I'm going to have some massive cravings and withdrawals.  But I can do this!  I can kick sugar's ass!  I can feel better about myself because I'm not eating it.  It will no longer be a guilty pleasure or something that I have to sneak and hide. 

It's my hope that this challenge will help me to get my weight loss back in control.  I've been maintaining my weight pretty consistently but I've stopped losing.  I've only been losing a pound or two a week and only because I'm still working out.  My sugar binging is certainly the cause of this stall and I'm tired of allowing it to happen.  So with this sugar challenge I hope to cleanse my body of the the addiction I have and to start seeing a weight loss again.  Will you do it with me?

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