Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm Almost A Runner!

Okay, so saying I'm almost a runner might be stretching it but I did in fact run my very first mile on Friday and then another one on Saturday.  I went to a local high school and ran around their track, which is huge, four times to make a mile.  I ran a full lap and then had to walk a bit to catch my breath before starting the next lap.  To make sure I was really getting in my workout, the friend I went with decided it would be fun to run bleacher stairs.  Up and down counted as one.  I was only able to do five on Friday but Saturday morning I was able to do ten, after I ran my mile.  Who would have thought I could do that?  I used to hyperventilate just looking at stairs and now here I am running them. 

After the run we met up with our trainers at our gym where they pretty much obliterated our legs.  I'm not kidding either, I can barely walk today.  We did dead lifts, leg presses, weighted squats, calf raises, and a bunch of other stuff.  That combined with the stair runs pretty much killed my legs today.  It hurts but feels good at the same time.  I love knowing that I worked out hard!

We worked out again with Breeze at home today.  Because he worked our legs so bad we didn't run our mile.  But I think he's happy knowing that we've been running on our own.  Instead today we concentrated on arms.  Thank God it was a light day because I don't think I could have handled another intense workout.   I may have shed some tears, haha.

I'm excited to say that the rest of the day we've been taking it pretty easy.  We made dinner as a family and even harvested our very first zucchini's, ever.  They were huge!  And tasted so yummy when we made them for dinner.  I plan on going for a walk later just so I don't get stiff.  I'm hoping tomorrow that I feel a bit better but they usually say that's the worst day.  I guess we'll see.

Don't they look yummy?


  1. Those zucchini are perfect and you are not almost a runner -- you ARE a runner! Congratulations to you.

    1. Thanks Diane! Running is still really hard for me and I have to push myself but I'm determined to keep doing it until I love it. We were pretty excited about our zucchini's. This was the first time we've ever planted anything and we started small. We've got some really yummy tomatoes and we were really proud of the zucchini turnout. We tried to grow some lettuce but we let it go to long before we picked it so it turned out bitter. Next year we plan on having a bigger garden.