Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth Festivities

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day!  After this past week of temps above 107+ having a day in the 90s was a blessing.  It was cool and breezy so we decided to celebrate with a walk.  Ma and I took our wieners and went on our 3 mile walk.  We weren't sure how they'd do but they walked the whole way with us!

They were pooped by the time we were done!
After our amazing walk we came home for a shower and some lunch before we headed out to the grocery store to stalk up on some supplies.  I've been noticing lately all the awesome foods we're putting in our carts.  It used to be that I'd load up on stuff like mac-n-cheese, Top Ramen, hamburger helper, and crap like that.  It sure has changed these last three months!

I'm trying to be more excited about eating peppers

After our adventures grocery shopping I headed to Melba to meet up with some friends for their annual firework show.  They put on an amazing show!  It was a really awesome night for fireworks.  Plus I got to spend some time with my friends and I didn't go crazy eating junk food.  I did have one hot dog and a beer but I can live with it. 

Plus I got to spend some time with this cutie!

Here's a video of one of my favorite parts of the firework show.  It's not the finale but still pretty good.

I hope your fourth was just as awesome as mine was!

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