Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camping Results

This last weekend was freaking awesome!  I was really apprehensive going into it and the entire way to our camping spot I was kind of freaking out.  Not to get too crazy personal but I had sort of a HUGE hang up about going to the bathroom in the woods.  Something about there not being four walls, a door, and a flushing toilet sort of freaked me out.  Plus I also might have a phobia of getting walked in on.  So that had me crazy nervous.  All's well that ended well and I'm happy to announce that I survived peeing in the woods!  Woohoo! 

So not only did I accomplish peeing in the woods I also got to spend some time with Breeze and his family, my family, another couple that brought all the camping gear (thank heavens), and some of Breeze's other clients-Frances and Lakota.  It was actually a great time getting to know everyone a little better.  We had some great conversations around the campfire and I enjoyed listening to some other perspectives. 

I tried new things this weekend (other than peeing in the woods, haha) including bear meat (not the momma and three cubs we saw), white water rafting (whaaaaa?), and sleeping in a hammock under the stars, which was awesome!  Breeze had to talk me, and my parents, into going white water rafting but I'm glad I finally decided to do it.  It was the very best experience and I finally realized that I am capable of a lot more than I thought I was.  I overcame other people telling me that I can't or shouldn't do something and instead trusted in myself that I could.  That was a huge step for me.  

Without further ado, here are some pictures of this last weekend.  Don't worry!  None of them are me going to the bathroom, haha.  I actually didn't take as many as I would have liked-I was to busy having fun:

Am I getting Skinnier??

My mom and our wieners

Four wheelin'

Breeze's wife Rebecca, also a Personal Trainer!

Bear meat breakfast.

My parents & Frances

Breeze & Rebecca's son, Aiden.

Do you love the hat?

Breeze-He might kill me 4 this, hehe.

I'm the one in the back!

My parents are in the front.  I'm on the boat in front.

Part of the canyon we rafted down

More canyon.

Tired wieners.

What a view!


  1. Aw man - if you didn't have to "dig a hole", you weren't really camping!
    (I can plan my whole riding weekend around the availability of the porta-potty, but there have been a few memorable occasions when I've been "caught short" & had to creep off into the woods...)
    Great photos BTW!

    1. Thanks! I was probably more nervous about going off in to the woods than I should have been. I think that it's the whole, everyone's going to know what I'm doing mentality that really freaked me out. It wasn't that big a deal in the end though, lol. I'm hoping the next time I go that I won't have a problem with it.