Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Walk 2 Remember (hehe)

This weekend has been crazy busy.  Saturday I got up early, which should be outlawed, in order to catch some garage sales.  Unfortunately there just wasn't too many good ones around my area so I didn't get anything.  Saturdays in my household also mean grocery days.  Since healthier eating is usually more expensive than the other crap we used to eat, my grocery shopping usually involves three different stores.  It can be time consuming but we can usually walk away with mostly organic fruits and veggies at a lower cost.  I got halfway through my grocery list before I had to call it quits and head home because I got a migraine.  Thankfully I napped it away and was able to go back out and get the rest of the stuff on my list.

Today, Sunday, ma and I decided that we wanted to scout some of the greenbelt trails we'd heard about in Caldwell.  It's beautiful here today, the sun is out and there's a nice breeze to keep us cool while we walk.  We hit the trail down by the river because we figured that would be cooler and more pretty.  Now we had never walked this before so we weren't exactly sure how long it was or if it ended.  We just started walking.

Before Our Walk

We Were Excited!

This is where we started.

After a mile we found this sign with the route.  We decided to go ahead and keep going.

Mile 2

We Were Getting Tired At This Point

But It Still Felt Good

About a half mile to go

Our car is waiting at the end of the brige, we almost sprinted we were so excited!

The view from the bridge.  These birds were diving for fish.

A Crane!  (I think)

I was pooped after our 2.5 mile walk!

So was my mom!

But we did it!  Not bad for a couple of fat girls!

After our walk we came home and had a nutritious lunch.

So I learned a couple of things about myself today that I didn't know.
1.  I need new tennis shoes
2.  I can freaking walk 2.5 miles!

Now we are planning on making this walk a weekly thing and I'm looking forward to it.  Now we're prepping meals for the rest of the week.  Breeze told us that we can't eat deli style lunch meat because it's processed.  We found a local meat shop and now we're buying organic meat and cooking it in advance so we can eat it for lunches.  Yum Yum!

How did your weekend go?


  1. If you guys wouldn't mind would love to join you on those Sunday walks! Let me know ;) also lunch looks yummy - how about posting/sharing some of your favorite healthy recipes?

    1. Thanks JoAnne! I'm sure we'd love to have you along and I'm hoping soon to start making that walk a weekly deal. I do have plans to start posting some healthier recipes as I go along. Right now I've been testing out a lot of different things and tweaking them a little as I go. I'm definitely not the best cook in the world so it is taking me some time, haha.