Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Decision Time

So I've been struggling lately with a decision to make and I'm not sure yet which way I'm going to go.  If you've been reading my blog you probably know that I started my weight loss journey with the HCG Diet and I was very successful and I saw immediate results.  I lost 36 lbs within that first 40 days and I've been able to maintain that while doing my third phase of the first round.  I started this journey in April and I knew for sure that I was going to do at least four rounds of HCG.  I was so sure, in fact, that I went ahead and pre-bought all the drops I would need to do it. 

After phase 2 I moved into maintenance and as part of that I started working out to help maintain my weight loss.  That's when I got Breeze.  My original plan was to work out with him for 6 weeks while I was on maintenance, then I would start another 40 day round (eating 500 calories and NOT working out), and then I would do another six weeks with Breeze after my 40 days (the break in between allowing me to save money for my next round with a trainer).  That would be my cycle until I got to my goal weight.  Breeze does not support my decision to do the HCG diet.  He's told me straight out that he thinks it's horrible and doesn't support it at all.  He is confident that I can continue to see results and get to my goal weight by working out and eating correctly.  I haven't been seeing the pound a day weight loss that I was on the HCG diet but I am still losing weight, shedding inches, and putting on muscle.  I'm getting more toned and my strength is increasing.  Breeze knows what he's doing and I feel good working out.  My concern with Breeze is that I may not be able to keep up with the cost for the training, even though he is cheaper than most trainers, and without him I'm worried I won't be successful.  This fear of doing it alone may seem crazy to you but I've literally spent my entire life perfecting the wrong ways to eat and be healthy.  I have no idea how to correct that or where to go without someone showing me.  I've only been working out for four weeks.  I don't know what I need to in order to do it by myself.  

So now I have a decision to make.  I can either keep going with Breeze, until/if I can't afford it anymore, or I can stop when our two weeks is up and start another round of HCG like my original plan.  On the one hand, I'm afraid of losing the progress I've made if I stop but then again I'm afraid I won't see the same results as I did with HCG if I keep going.

So my fellow skinny dippers I bring this dilemma to you; What should I do?  Keep my trainer and stay in the gym or start another round of HCG?


  1. Please listen to your trainer. He knows what he is talking about. HCG is not the way to lose weight healthfully and keep it off. I weighed over 330 pounds (I don't know how much I really weighed as my scale went to 330 and I wasn't able to weigh myself). But I was able to get down to 300 over a couple of years, then in October of 2012 I, like you, had had enough and decided I needed to lose the weight. Since October I have lost 70+ pounds. And I have done it on my own, without the help of any fad diet. If I can do it, I know you can too. I started eating healthier and exercising. Now I don't eat very healthy really (I HATE vegetables). But I made small switches and cut out a lot of fast food. I still go out to lunch every day, but just try to make better choices. Instead of going to get a big burger and large fries and a cookie for lunch, I get a small burger and split a small order of fries with my husband. I am not the type to completely do a 180 on my lifestyle, but I knew enough to know that eating all the crap I did eat was not good. But I did change. I can eat the same foods, but just a lot less of them and plus work out. I ride an elliptical 5 days a week. I started out doing 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, and so on. Now I do 45 minutes a day Monday to Friday. I also take walks (and the intensity of that grew too just as the elliptical did). I go hiking with my husband on the weekends. I really think because I have done this on my own, and I have changed my way of thinking, that I will be able to keep it off. I don't agree with the HCG diet or any of those other fad diets. Its all about a lifestyle change. And it's not easy and it's not quick. I am far from my goal, but I know that eventually I will get there. Just like I know you can too. I haven't had to spend any money (except for purchasing an elliptical) on losing weight! Learn all you can from your trainer and use him for as long as you can. Once you can't afford him anymore, then use what you learned from him to keep going. Like my husband would always tell me, eat what you want in moderation, but get off your butt and move! I would never listen, but you know what, he was right! Don't tell him I said that though :)
    Good luck with whatever you decide. And I support you with whatever route you take.

  2. Yes, please stick with your trainer. Slow and steady will win the race always and this will be much, much healthier for you than taking the drops with such a low cal diet. When you have great muscle tone you will burn fat 24/7 so you won't need the drops!

  3. I am PRO HCG! Phase 3 is actually great as a long term (Lifetime for me!) eating plan. And I believe your trainer is also valuable in teaching you to love to exercise, and how to do it correctly, until that becomes second nature to you.
    I suggest you stay with your trainer as long as you can afford (and follow the Maintainence Protocol as best as you can during that time), and then start your next HCG round.

    (For anyone who has never taken HCG, it does sound ridiculous & like a "fad" but please research it... And the same thing doesn't work for everyone. (HCG Protocol was developed in the 1950's!)

  4. Here is something to keep in mind; it has taken you 25 years to put the weight on and it's going to take you some time to take it off. HCG may have been a good way to jump start your diet, but learning to love exercise and learning to make this a lifestyle change and not simply a diet is essential for long-term success. You are doing amazing and if you really feel like doing another round of HCG, go for it. However, I think you will benefit more from your trainer in the long run.

  5. I appreciate all of you for your wonderful advice and input. It's something that's been weighing on my mind the closer I get to ending phase 3. While I am a huge fan of HCG and I had great success I have to decided to wait to do another round. Right now things are going extremely well with my trainer and he's affordable. I would like to keep going and see how things progress from there. I still have my HCG drops should I need them in future. Thank you all for your support, I truly appreciate all of you!