Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If You Haven't Yet, Do It

It is now my firm opinion that if you haven't ever had a massage, you need to go get one.  I spent five hours today at Pananche Day Spa getting pampered.  I had a 60 minute massage, a 60 minute facial, catered lunch, a 60 minute pedicure, and finally a 60 minute manicure.  They are so professional and they really know how to treat people.  I'll admit I was a little bit nervous going in.  I don't usually enjoy taking my clothes off in public places and I almost never let people touch me even with my clothes on.  I've always thought of my body as gross because I was fat.  Who would want to touch me, right?  Wrong.  I had an awesome massage therapist that completely put me at ease and it was so worth it.  I am so glad that I put my fear aside and went for it.  The rest of my appointment was absolutely amazing but the massage was the best.  My muscles are sore but in a good way and by the time we were done I felt like a limp noodle.  Seriously if you haven't ever gotten a massage, do it.  I'm thinking about getting one every month.

On another good note, while my madre and I were working out at the Y we met a trainer there and got to talking.  Long story short he is going to be our new personal trainer.  We are saving a bundle and we can work out together.  The best part is that he specializes in nutrition as well as training so we are getting an all around package deal here for a steal.  Did I mention that he is smokin' hot?  The man has an 8 pack for heavens sake!  Normally that would make me nervous having to work out in front of him, but I've decided to get over it.  In all reality this man knows his business and that's what I want.  I want someone to push me to be better and to teach me what to do.  He's bringing his wife and coming over on Friday to go through our cupboards and fridge to make sure we are eating the right things.  I think I've got that part down but we'll see what he has to say. 

I'm curious for some of you out there in your own journey.  When it came to working out how did you get started?  Did you do it on your own at the gym or did you go with a trainer?


  1. Wow. He's going through your fridge and cabinets? o.O I would have to feel pretty close to someone to let them do that! Tell me how that goes! I am glad you enjoyed your should never let being fat stop you from doing awesome stuff! So many people live their lives as "when I get thin I'll...." and this is a mistake. Seize the moment! Wear a swimsuit and go to the beach, let people take pictures of you... So many people I know refuse to swim and refuse to let people take photos of them (even at graduation/birthday/anniversary etc.) because they are ashamed of being fat. But I firmly believe you should not live for some unknown moment in the future, but instead seize the moment! Swimming is fun and will create good memories with loved ones. Having photos of great moments in your life will help you remember them more clearly later! So what if you are not at your ideal weight! That's my thoughts on it, anyway. As for your hot personal trainer - don't be nervous about working out in front of him. You should be so proud that you ARE working out and trying to change your life for the better. Ain't no shame in it! You go, girl!

    1. You are absolutely right about preventing myself from doing things because of my weight. I'm slowly starting to get more comfortable in my body and I'm enjoying doing new things. I actually feel pretty comfortable around my trainer and I'm looking forward to our workouts. He did come over and go through our cupboards and it was awesome. He brought his whole family (he has two wives) and they are really awesome people. I think I'm really going to like having a trainer.