Saturday, May 4, 2013

Face Off

Left:  May 3rd, 2013, Right:  March 31st, 2013
Today is day 33 of my first round of the HCG diet.  As of today, I've lost a total of 31.4 lbs and I'm weighing in at 295.4.  As we're coming down to the final days of phase 2 I'm starting to notice a difference in my body.  For instance, I can't wear my pants anymore, literally.  I've always had a problem with my pants sagging because, well because I don't have a butt.  But the other day I was getting out of the car and my shorts literally fell down to my ankles.  Thank heavens I was at my own house and not in the Wal*Mart parking lot.  I'm going to take that as a sign that my body is losing inches.  I'm trying to stick it out as long as possible before I buy new clothes so I invested in a belt.  So far it's working pretty well.  I'm also excited to announce that my bra fits so much better than it used to.  I mean I can actually wear it all day now instead of only a couple hours before switching to a sports bra.  It used to dig into my sides, not so much anymore.  Today I was also able to put on a shirt that I haven't been able to wear in months!  I'm excited to keep seeing the changes as I continue to lose weight.

I thought I'd show my fellow skinny dippers some of the changes I've made so far.  I'll be posting full body pictures (before and after) after the end of phase two just to compare what I've lost so far.  I think you'll be able to tell the difference.


  1. Haha, I don't have a butt either!

    1. It's the bane of my existence! When I can start going to the gym I'm seriously going to be doing a ton of squats so I can try to build my butt. I'm hoping my lack thereof is due to such a sedentary lifestyle and not because I just wasn't blessed with a good butt gene, haha.