Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Night With Iron Man

Last night was a blast!  We, myself and 5 other people, decided to go see Iron Man 3 last night.  Our original plan was to go see the 7:00 show and go eat afterwards but by the time 6:30 came around I was getting pretty hungry.  Instead we went ahead and decided to eat before the show and switched our show time to 9:00.  The consensus was that we would go to Applebee's.  I'll admit this was my first time going to a restaurant since I've been on a diet that didn't serve something other than salad.  To say that I was a bit wary is an understatement.  I did excellent however.  I ordered their California shrimp salad with no dressing.  It came with avocado and bacon on it however so I picked that off and gave it to my mother.  She, by the way, had their bourbon black and blue cheeseburger.  It was smothered in cheese and bacon and all around tasty goodness and she ate it right next to me.  (She gained this morning and I didn't so it was worth not eating that crap.)  Surprisingly I wasn't too tempted by her burger.  My salad was tasty and it filled me up.  After dinner we went to the show and it was excellent.  I'll refrain from giving out any spoilers but I will tell you that after the movie and the credits there is a little video clip.  I'll leave it up to you if you choose to stay and watch it.  It felt like the credits were 30 minutes long and the video clip at the end really wasn't worth the wait to me.

Tomorrow is Mother's day and our first day of maintenance.  I'm looking forward to celebrating my mother and the huge accomplishment of completing phase 2 of my diet.  I really didn't expect to make it this far so I'm pretty proud that we've done it. 


  1. Speaking of salad, I had the BEST salad today...I swear it was the best salad I ever had in my life (all raw, of course). Did you know that before I starting dieting I didn't even like salad? I hated salad! LOL Long-term dieting sure changes one's taste buds. I'm relieved to hear you say that IM3 is a good movie, because I am taking my mother to see it for Mother's Day! Good job in resisting the Applebee's food (I have to say, Applebee's is NOT one of the restaurants that tempts me). Is your mother not vegan anymore? Have a great Mother's Day!

    1. It's funny that you say that about salads because I was the opposite. I loved salads only my version of salads. Usually that meant it was smothered in ranch and cheese and all kinds of unhealthy things. Now I eat my salads without any dressing and it's crazy how good they taste. I would never have done that before. My mom is still trying to be vegan but it's a new process for her. She's having a hard time giving up the meat. We're encouraging her to keep going though and she's been doing pretty great for the most part. I hope you enjoy your day with your mom and the movie!