Friday, May 3, 2013

20 Things 2 Do When I'm Skinny

I've been thinking a lot lately about my reasons why I'm on this path to be healthy.  If you're heavy I'm sure you can relate.  As an overweight person there are a lot of things that I'm missing out on because of my size.  So I made a list of my top 20 things (in no particular order) to do as I get healthier/skinnier.  They go as follows:

1. Run a 5k
2. Take a kickboxing class
3. Ride a roller coaster
4. Wear a bikini
5.  Go scuba diving
6. Go Hiking
7. Wear a knee length dress and high heels, I've been hiding my legs for too long!
8.  Go go-kart racing
9.  Dance in a night club with my friends
10.  Shop in Victoria secret for clothes instead of perfume and lotion.
11.  Go to my 10 year high school reunion and not be recognized!
12.  Be the skinny friend not the fat friend
13.  Get a piggy back ride!
14.  Go on a date with a guy that requires some sort of physical activity instead of going to the movies or out to eat.
15.  Buy a belt in a regular store instead of having to special order it or go to a plus sized store to find it.
16.  Buy a ring that doesn't have to be sized larger
17.  Wear an ankle bracelet!
18.  Learn to snowboard
19.  Go swimming all the time without having to wear an over shirt to hide my body.
20.  Sit in a restaurant booth instead of asking for a table every time

Those are my goals but I want to hear yours.  What do you want to do when you reach your goal weight that you can't do now?


  1. I have accomplished some of those goals already. #3,6,15,16,&20! It was such an accomplishment! I too would love to be able to wear shorts. For some reason I don't have knees! Not that I have ever seen. So my big goal is to be able to see my knees. (Think cankles except at my knees!). My other goals are to go zip lining (which I now can do if I ever get the chance), and to go parasailing!

    1. Tiffany I'm so excited for you! You know, I was writing these goals and to the ordinary person they may seem trivial but to me I am super excited to reach them. I sat in a booth this last week for the first time in a LONG time. It felt really good! I also flew on the plane to Wisconsin without having to ask for a seat belt extender. That too was an awesome feeling! Keep going lady, I know you can do it!