Monday, April 22, 2013

The Ugly Truth

Hi, I'm Jenèa.

I'm 25 years old, I am obese, and I'm tired of it.  I've always been chunky but it seems like I've just packed on the weight the last seven years or so.  We don't have the best eating habits in my family-both my mother and step father are obese as well.  We have a family history rich with heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, and diabetes (among others).  Not only am I headed down that road but last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  My doctors have been telling me for years that I need to lose weight and start eating healthier.  I didn't listen then and now I've got diabetes.  It scared me enough when I was diagnosed that I joined a gym, reduced my portions, and tried eating healthier.  None of it worked.  I was too tired to work out for long so I wasn't burning enough calories, not to mention how painful it was, and then I'd get so down on myself that I would just end up right back where I started:  in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell.  Inevitably what little progress I did make was reversed and I ended up just putting the weight back on, never losing much to start with.  Ultimately I just lost all motivation to continue and I went back to what I knew best:  Eating.  I started to get depressed because all of the diets I was trying weren't really working and I wasn't seeing very many results.  I ended up getting put on diabetic medication because my blood sugars were getting extremely high and I was sitting out on a lot of things my friends and family were doing because I was too big to do them.  I never went swimming, I couldn't ride horses or go to amusement parks because I couldn't ride the rides, heck I can't even ride something as simple as a bicycle because I was over the weight limit.  It was getting to the point that people would ask me what my hobbies are and I would answer movies, books, and scrap-booking because I couldn't and didn't do anything else. 
            I was getting desperate for a change and I needed to find some way to lose the weight.  Eventually I started looking into gastric bypass surgery because I felt sure that nothing else would work.  Then last month I was visiting some friends of mine and they told me about the HCG diet.  I had heard of it before but I'd also heard how unhealthy it could be and I was skeptical of such a low calorie diet.  I learned a bit more about the diet and the drops and I agreed to look at some of the success stories of people who have tried the HCG diet.  It sold me.  I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be one of those success stories!  These are regular people, in the same predicament as me, and they lost huge amounts of weight.  That's the kind of plan I was looking for.  I was so pumped about this diet that I took it home to my parents.  My step-dad agreed to try it with me while my mom decided to go vegan.  I felt more excited and motivated than I had in a long time.
Here are my starting measurements (be warned, I measured everything!) and pictures:
Weight:  326.8 lbs
Neck:  16.5 in.
Right bicep:  19 in
Left Bicep:  17 1/4 in.
Right forearm:  12 in.
Left forearm:  11.5 In.
Bust:  56 1/4 in.
belly:  57 3/4 in.
hips:  55 in.
Right thigh:  24.5 in.
Left thigh:  24 1/4 in.
Right calf:  19.5 in.
Left calf:  19 in.

So there it is, the ugly truth.  I'm obese, sure, but I'm finally choosing to do something about it.  My question for you is what have you done today to become healthier?


  1. I am glad you decided not to do bypass. I did it the old-fashioned way as well (and it is cheaper and doesn't involve people slicing you up!).

    1. Me too, and congrats yourself for doing it the old fashioned way! It was really scary thinking about having them cut me open and readjusting all my innards. I've heard that a lot of people end up having a lot of complications later in life so I am really happy with my decision not to go with the surgery route.

  2. Im obese 2 and i had the gastric band and didnt work, im making it just eating very low calories a day and working out