Friday, April 26, 2013


I spent some time in my last post talking about motivation and different things that work for me.  One of the things that I forgot to mention is goal setting.  Now this may or may not be something that works for you but I think that no matter what diet you're on you need to have some sort of reward system for yourself.  For me, I use goal setting as a way to get there.  I've set four goals for myself in regards to my weight and for each milestone I reach I have a reward set for myself.  So lets review:

My weight loss goals are as follows:

1. Goal:  To get under 300 lbs (My starting weight is 326.8).  Reward:  A full spa day
2. Goal:  To reach 250 lbs.  Reward:  I get to buy a bicycle (I can't ride one currently because of my weight.)
3. Goal: To get under 200 lbs.  Reward: Horseback riding (I can't ride one of those either!)
4. Goal:  To reach my ultimate goal weight (a total loss of 176.8 lbs) of 150 lbs.  Reward:  Go on a European cruise (Preferably with a hot man by my side!)

Those are my first four goals.  Now I'll be honest, when I set these goals at first I really thought they were a long way off so I didn't put much thought into them.  In other words, they weren't a huge motivator for me.  Then I started getting closer and closer to my first goal and the closer I get the more excited I am until suddenly this has become a huge motivator.  I really want that spa day, dang-it!  Now I'm only two pounds away from reaching that goal and I've already been researching my spa choices.

Like I said, setting goals may or may not work for you.  The important thing is to find out what does and to use it to keep you on track to your ultimate goal!  Just remember:  If you set a reward for yourself, don't make it about food.  Give yourself a non-edible treat for your new healthy body!