Thursday, April 25, 2013

Everyone Needs A Little Motivation!

Whether you are looking to lose 50 pounds or a 150 pounds it's important to keep motivated.  Motivation to lose weight and to keep going is the only thing that stops me from getting in my car and running straight to the drive-thru at Taco Bell or just giving up completely.  Staying motivated keeps me going when all I want to do is just give up.  It's gets me pumped up and over the humps.  While I can't tell you what's going to keep you motivated I can share some of the things I use for motivation and inspiration.  Hopefully that will give you some ideas.

 One of my favorite things is my Fitness Wall.  I'm still adding things to it but right now it contains some of my favorite quotes to keep me going when I think about cheating.  It has my fat pictures so I can see what I never want to be again.  It also has a couple of things I want to do when I reach my goal weights, like going on a cruise and being able to finally ride a bike!
Something I do everyday is weigh myself.  I keep track of every pound I lose with these pebble bowls, as I call them.  Every time I lose a pound I take a pebble out of the chunky bowl and put it into my skinny bowl.  I've also included a note to myself at the bottem of the chunky bowl so that when I get close to being done, I can see that note and keep pushing that little bit farther.  Let me tell you, this is a great motivator!  I do not ever want to have to take a pebble away from the skinny side to put it back in the chunky side.  So far, I haven't had to do so!

I love to read other people's success and failure stories to help keep me motivated.  It's truely inspiring to see someone else go through what I'm going through and to know that they've come out on the other side a healthier individual.  It gives me hope that I can do it too! 

Social media has been a huge motivator for me.  I personally have a Facebook account and I sometimes post when I'm having a bad day or my weight losses.  The encouragement that I get from friends and family is truly inspiring. 

Blogging has recently become a new passion of mine.  I hope that the longer I blog the better it gets but for now just putting it out there and knowing that people are reading it is a great way for me to stay accountable.  I do not want to have to put on there, anymore than I already have, that I cheated or that I gained weight.  It's great motivation to stick to my diet.  Eventually I hope that with this blog I can help all of you to stay inspired just like reading other blogs does the same for me.

Lastly but not least, my health.  Since I've started this weight loss journey some amazing things have happened.  I've quit smoking and I've given up all the junk food I used to eat.  Because of those I can now breathe easier, I have more energy, I'm no longer taking my diabetic medication, and my blood sugar and cholesterol have come way down to were they are supposed to be.  I know that I never want to be put back on my medication so it keeps me motivated to get healthy and keep eating right. 

These are the things that keep me motivated to stay strong.  What motivates you?

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