Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Pound for Your Thoughts?

Today has NOT been a great day.  I woke up this morning, like I always do, got the scale out, like I always do, and there it was.  Staring at me.  The stupid pound that I had GAINED.  For no reason.  Absolutely no freakin reason.  I did everything I was supposed to; I drank a gallon of water and ate all the right foods but for some reason I still gained a pound.  It's extremely frustrating when I'm only eating 500 calories and I gain a pound.  In fact, it makes me ask myself why I'm even doing this to myself in the first place.  It makes me think about cheating.  I'm sure for you other dieters, you can relate.  It's irritating, right?  Heck yes it is! 

So I did the responsible thing any other adult would do, I took a deep breath and called my step-dad on the phone to whine.  (He's doing this diet with me.)  I have to admit that through this whole thing he's been my voice of reason.  He can usually talk me off the cheating ledge, so to speak, and that's exactly what he did today.  He was able to calm me down and make me think about the consequences of cheating.  He told me not to let it get to me that it was just one day and tomorrow I could lose two pounds but if I were to cheat I would most definitely gain more weight.  Then he told me that he's hit a wall and hasn't lost a single pound in three days.  Suddenly gaining a pound really didn't seem so bad. 

I'm happy to announce that I didn't cheat, I stayed strong and stuck to my diet.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring me more weight loss but if not, it's okay.  It's just temporary and I know I will lose the weight.  I'm curious for you dieters out there, how do you talk yourself off the ledge?  Is it as frustrating for you as it is for me when you don't lose or you instead gain weight if you're doing everything you should?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Glad to hear you did the smart thing. You are lucky to have someone by your side. He was 100% right...cheating would have been so much worse. It's very frustrating to gain or maintain when you know you SHOULD be losing because you did everything "right". The thing to keep in mind is that the gain is going to be even bigger if you cheat!

    1. Trabajadora3, you are so right! At that moment I had lost sight of that and I was just so frustrated that I slipped right back into old habits and just wanted to emotionally eat. It's hard to get myself out of those habits but I think I'm slowly making process, or at least I'm telling myself that I am. It's been a long time since I have cheated and I feel good about it. Is this something you struggle with as well?

    2. When I first started dieting (about 4 and a half years ago) I never cheated. I was militant for about three and a half years. It's only in the last year or so that I've experienced what long-term dieters call "burnout". But I'm still battling bravely! That's the key: never give up!

    3. I like that you have such determination! I wish I could be that strong but I still cheated there at the beginning. I just had to tell myself that it was one day and wake up the next day more determined than ever to do better. That really worked for me.