Where Has The Time Gone?!

We are almost 5 months out from surgery and it's going so fast.  I can't believe it's almost August and the end of summer.  I have to say, I'm excited for the next season of our lives.  This last one was rough.

Tim was laid off suddenly in April and we spent most of the summer with him jobless.  Talk about rough, it has been a financial nightmare.  We spent most of our savings after surgery to make up for my loss of wages while I was off work.  Luckily, Tim was able to get unemployment but we lost 2/3rds of his income.  On top of that, recovery has been difficult and I have been dealing with chronic pain from surgery.   It took a couple months to figure out a game plan and treatment and during that time I missed a lot of work.  It was not pretty or fun.  It was kick you in the balls rough.  Thank God for an amazing company that takes care of it's employees and a support system that helped us get through.  Tim is finally back to work now so we are looking forward to…

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there!!!

This is my favorite holiday!  Not because of the gifts and spoiling, but because it is a perfect day to be thankful for the two little girls that made me a mother and brought light to my life.  
It has been an incredible journey these last three years and I look forward to every single day to come.  Holding each of you in my arms for the first time, looking in your eyes that first moment, hearing your giggle for the first time, your first word (mama of course), your first steps, and watching you learn and grow  has been the most incredible experiences of my life.  God knows it hasn't all be rainbows and sunshine - we have struggled.  There has been chaos and many tears, for all of us, as we navigate this life and as we grow together.  I wouldn't trade any of it for a all the riches in the world.  
I only pray that I can guide you to be strong and independent women.  To recognize your worth and to demand the respect you deserve.…

8 Week Update!!

While Friday will officially be 2 months post op, today is 8 weeks exactly.  I have been so excited to get to this mark and I have been waiting specifically for today to take another side by side photo update.  For those of you that have followed this blog since I started, you know that it's my favorite way to document progress.  It's especially rewarding when the scale doesn't move as fast as you think or want it to.  
I will be the first to admit, this process has not been an easy one.  The first week was wonderful, I was dropping weight daily, sometimes even 2 to 3 pounds.  Mostly water weight I'm sure.  But then the second week came and I hit a major stall that lasted for over two weeks.  While I've been consistently losing, I'm still stalling out for days at a time.  Or I'll keep losing and regaining the same couple of pounds.  When I think about the fact that I literally cut off my stomach to lose weight and it's not moving faster, I get extremel…

Spring Has Sprung

This is my favorite time of year!!!  The trees and flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and all the animals are having their babies.  It's also the time when the sun is out and we have more sunny skies than gray.  I love spending as much time outside as I possibly can soaking up as much sun as I can before it gets crazy hot.

My girls have been loving life around here too.  We've been playing a lot in the park, going to the zoo, taking long walks along our favorite greenbelt, and we've also been riding our bikes!  Tim thought we needed  trampoline so we got one that fits their size and they love it.  They tend to jump on it butt naked though as they hate wearing clothes.  Good thing the weather has been nice!  We spend most of our time on our greenbelt feeding the ducks, looking for unusual rocks and things along our walks, and Tim and I love talking about our future and daydreaming about our summer plans.  It's too cold in the winter to walk it with the girls so i…

Almost to the 6 Week Mark!

It's been a weird three weeks, since I last posted.  The week right after I last posted I was feeling amazing.  I had energy and my pain was minimal and I thought I was good to go.  So I overdid it in a really bad way.  I decided, and then I roped Tim into helping me, that it was time to de-clutter and purge.  So we started spring cleaning and going through my girls clothes and toys they no longer use.  I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor hunched over, lifting, and bending over.  Way wrong move.  Over the course of the next few days I was in increasingly more pain.  I spent an agonizing week at home before I called my doctor and told him I needed to be seen because it felt like I broke something inside.  I missed a ton of work because I couldn't sit up at my desk, or at all, and I was just in constant pain.  It was so frustrating and felt like I completely took a step back in my recovery.  My doctor is amazing and saw me right away.  He checked for a hernia and I didn&#…

2 Week Post-Op Update

Where has the time gone?!  I can't believe we are already approaching week three, and the soft food stage!  It's been an interesting 2 and a half weeks to say the least.  I started the process of weight loss surgery in June of 2018.  Insurance required 6 months of continued supervised visits with my surgeon, a nutritionist, counseling, and a dedicated diet.  I didn't have a specific amount that was required for me to lose, I just had to show progress.  My surgeon, Dr. Brown, believes in a ketogenic lifestyle and it's one of the main reasons I chose him.  I had just barely started the keto way of eating and I was loving some of the results I was seeing.  I honestly can't remember the exact amount I weighed that first appointment in June.  I know it was close to 340 but I can't remember the exact number.  I usually just go off my own recorded weight of 337 which is the highest I've ever weighed at home.  Anyway, my last appointment was in December and I was a…

I'm Baaaaaack!

Almost 2 years I've been gone!!!!  How crazy is that?!

I can tell you that it has been an incredible and busy two years!  Raising our two girls has been insanely wonderful and also the most difficult thing I've ever done.  I got hit really bad with postpartum depression after McKynlee was born and it was a struggle to function daily.  Not to mention take care of my children, Tim, and myself.  I went back to work full time and Tim and I now work opposite shifts, which made things harder on so many levels.  I'm a full-time stay at home mom during the day and then when Tim gets off work, I work my full time job at night while he does the evening routine.  I, personally, was barely holding it together so I got some medication and things slowly got better.  It was busy though trying to take care of everybody and myself.  I usually slacked on taking care of myself.  There just wasn't time to blog, as much as I wanted to.  I'd often find myself sitting at my computer thin…